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What is Preference Share?

1. Preference shares have a fixed dividend, which is not affected by the performance of the company, and can receive dividends before ordinary shareholders.

2. Preference shareholders do not participate in the company's dividend distribution, have no voting rights and the right to participate in the company's management.

3. If something unfortunate happens in the future, when the company conducts liquidation, preferrence shareholders have priority over ordinary shareholders to claim the remaining assets of the company.

4. Financial report is provided.

1. 优先股有固定的股息,不受公司业绩好坏影响,并可以先于普通股股东领取股息。

2. 优先股股东不参与公司的红利分配,无表决权和参与公司经营管理权。

3. 若将来有不幸之事发生,当公司进行财产清算时,优先股股东对公司剩余财产有优先于普通股股东的要求权

4. 拥有财务报告表

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Terms & Conditions for purchasing


• Malaysian citizens must hold an ID card

• Foreign citizens need to provide a passport.

• Membership fee: MYR 500

(Including legal fees, share certificate, membership discounts, gifts)​​​

• With min purchase 1 unit preference share

• Purchased 10 units preference share will be our Premium Member

• 马来西亚公民必须持有身份证

• 外国公民需要提供护照

• 会员费:马币500


  • 购买最少1个单位的优先股

  • 购买10个单位的优先股将成为特级会员

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Member's Benefits

What is the benefits that a member could enjoy with BCB Club?


Enjoy 20% discount on all birdnest products under Birdnest City. 


Premium member is entitled 20% + 20% discount on all products.

​特级会员享有 20% + 20% 的产品折扣优惠.

Members is able to enjoy fresh stewed birdnest in BCB Club with friends.