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​We are always looking for talented self-starters with good communication skills & socializing skill in the areas of investment and customer service.


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BCB Culture

BCB has built an unique culture that is often admired by both our competitors and other businesses. This culture is founded on the “BCB Culture” and our Promise of Performance, both of which are the basis of our day-to-day practices. The “BCB Culture” identifies the values that we work towards daily, and the Promise of Performance expresses our commitment to current and potential investors.

BCB建立了一种独特的文化,我们的竞争对手和其他企业都经常赞叹它。 这种文化建立在“ BCB文化”和我们对绩效的承诺的基础上,这两者都是我们日常实践的基础。 “ BCB文化”确定了我们日常工作的价值观,绩效承诺表达了我们对现有和潜在投资者的承诺。

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Incentive & Compensation


At BCB, you control your earnings. We pay for performance. Your compensation is based on your efforts, not on seniority. Continual upward performance means continual upward rewards.

BCB believes in “having fun while getting the job done”. Employees are eligible for a number of fun and exciting incentive programs including Rewards, Recognitions and BCB club benefits.

在BCB,您可以控制自己的收入。 我们为性能付费。 您的报酬取决于您的努力,而不是资历。 持续的向上表现意味着持续的向上奖励。

BCB坚信“在完成工作的同时获得乐趣”。 员工有资格参加许多有趣而令人兴奋的奖励计划,包括奖励,表彰和BCB俱乐部福利。


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